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Parent Participation & Independent Tap & Ballet Classes


Dance classes are more than just fun and a good workout. They enhance your tiny dancer's balance, flexibility, and posture. Kids love to dance!  Our tap and ballet classes are designed to work on three cognitive benefits that will not only help them in their future dance career but for life as well. We will work on expanding your little one's vocabulary as we go thru  the french terminology of moves, develop musicality and learn how to count music, amd learn new dance steps that will help their memory and muscle development and control. With independent and parent participation classes available, each child's inner prince or princess is sure to shine thru.

Tiny Tutus Jr. 18 months-2 1/2 

In this 30 min parent particiation class little ones will learn basic tap and ballet moves, traveling movements, and sing songs.

TUESDAY 5:30-6:00

WEDNESDAY 11:30-12:00

FRIDAY 10:30-11:00

Tiny Tutus 2.5- 4 years

In this 45 min independent class children will learn new tap/ ballet moves weekly. Count music and learn new dance skills every week!

MONDAY 4:00-4:45

TUESDAY 6:15-7:00

 WEDNESDAY 9:30-10:15

FRIDAY 9:30-10:15

Saturday 9:15-10:00


Tappin' Tutus Jr. 3.5- 5 years

Our tap and ballet combo class is a perfect mix of dance, stretching, learning, and counting music. 

MONDAY 12:00-12:45 

MONDAY 6:00- 6:45 

TUESDAY 3:30-4:15

WEDNESDAY 10:30-11:15

THURSDAY 4:45-5:30

SATURDAY 10:10-10:55

Tappin' Tutus 5-7 years

Our tap and ballet combo class is a perfect mix of dance, stretching, learning, and counting music. 

TUESDAY 4:30-5:15

THURSDAY 6:00-6:45

SATURDAY 11:00-11:45

Ballerina Buddies

This 45 min all ballet class is perfect for children ages 4-7 who want to develop their ballet skills in a fun, relaxed atmosphere.

MONDAY 5:15-6:00 

THURSDAY 3:45-430