Our age-appropriate classes include gymnastics, sign language, music, dancing, swinging, climbing, rides,  puppet shows, and much more. We take pride in the cleanliness and safety of our facility. Every child learns differently and at their own pace. Our energetic, yet patient instructors will set the tone that learning can be a fun, exciting experience. 



Crawling Cuddle Buddies Ages 3 month- Walking

As your little ones grow, they become more curious. Let your cuddle buddy explore our beautiful, clean facility. You will meet new friends, all while we lead you through beginnning gymnastics skills, games, sign language, circle time and even work on separation anxiety. All of our activities are designed to be fun yet educational. We will work on fine and gross motor skills through counting songs and dances, learn baby signs and explore adventures and rides.


Bouncing Bambinos

AGES Walking -2.5 years

Now that your little one is walking it's time to pick up the pace on our gymnastics skills. Our themed circuits will help build a base of confidence, balance and agility that will play an important role in sports and performing arts in the years to come. In the midst of the terrible twos, it's important to work on sharing, encouraging responsibility and kindness with positive reinforcement. Kids will get a dose of socialization and fitness in this fun toddler gym class.




Our 52 different themes make every week a new adventure! First parents and kiddos 0-5 years of age will warm up their muscles, sing songs and dance before getting a chance to explore the gym while our coaches set up a themed skill-building activity for little ones to enjoy.  After our coaches demonstrate and give you some spotting tips, kids will practice going around a circuit to practice their skills with lots of encouragement from parents. Once our little ones are getting worn out, the lights go down and the music, bubbles, and disco lights fill the gym! Coaches will finish with more gymnastics, games, and our beloved goodbye song. 

Sign language is heavily incorporated into all of our Tumblebuddies programs.




3.5-7 YEARS

First, our Tumblebuddies learn about muscle groups and how their bodies work in our exciting, themed warm-up. Full of cardio, stretching, strength building, and the basics of tumbling! Next, children will get a chance to let out some wiggles while our coaches set up an age-appropriate fun gymnastics circuit. Trampoline, balance beam, parallel bars, high bars, rings, vaulting and tumbling skills will all be taught. We'll finish with some rock climbing, zip-lining, or the most awesome bubble disco party in town! Perfect for any child 3.5-7 years old. Siblings receive a 25% discount!




As our classes progress, so will your child! This is the most advanced gymnastics class we offer. Still themed and super fun, coaches will fine-tune the gymnastics basics. Focusing on technique and strength building to give them the strong core foundation they will need for future more intense gymnastics. 

25% Sibling Discount! *Crawlers are free with a paid sibling!!*
Children go barefoot. 
Parents wear socks. 
Unfortunately, we do not have a drinking fountain so please bring some water.
We have water available for $1.


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Sacramento, CA 95815

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Phone. (916) 515-8018