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Why Tumblebuddies

Tumblebuddies offers gymnastics and dance classes for babies and young children. Our program is fun and fresh and unlike any program, you've participated in before. There are five main focuses to our program:
Safety- All of our coaches are USAG Safety Certified
Confidence Building-Each child can advance at his/her own speed while learning new skills with lots of positive reinforcement and encouragement
Parent/Child Bonding- Your child can comfortably learn skills that improve balance and coordination with you right beside them
Skill Advancement- Skills learned in gymnastics class will allow your child to be successful not only in gymnastics but also in any other sports they choose
Fun- Children are encouraged to use their imaginations with new adventures every week
We strive to make class fun for parents and children alike. Some of these themes include decades week (60's,70's, 80's, 90's) Rock-n-roll week and Luau week. We also mix in holiday and kid favorites like dinosaurs, cars, trains, and even pirate week! Some elements that you may see in a Tumblebuddies class include but are not limited to:

Circle Time


Sign Language


Gymnastics Circuits

Zip Line Rides


Groovy Bubble Dance Parties

Puppet Shows

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What makes us different

Flexible Payment Options

Clean and Inviting Gym/Studio

Caring and Experienced Coaches

Real gymnastics in a fun and relaxed atmosphere

Entire gym/studio dedicated for each class 

Themed weeks and ever changing programming

On Site Parking

Tuition discounts for multiple classes and siblings

Affordable Dance Recitals

"Gymnastics not only increases strength, grace, and flexibility but also encourages hard work, discipline, and determination."

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